Why go private?

Whether you have private health insurance or can afford to pay for treatment yourself, most people want to have the choice of consultant and hospital and, if your treatment is not urgent, most people also want to go into hospital at a time of their choosing.

By choosing to go private you get your choice of expert consultant and fast access for appointments, diagnostic tests and treatment.

You might want to get private health treatment when:

  • The treatment isn’t available on the NHS. For example, cosmetic surgery
  • There’s a long NHS waiting list and you don’t want to wait
  • You want to choose the date for a hospital operation
  • You want to be treated by a consultant of your choice
  • You want a second opinion on treatment you’ve had on the NHS
  • Health screening

From the start I felt like I trusted the service and that made the whole experience very easy. Now that I have had the operation, wow, it has changed my life.

Maureen, Patient

Why choose us?

  • Highly experienced, local and accredited consultant plastic surgeons
  • Highly experienced, NHS trained fully accredited general and speciality surgeons
  • Competitive and affordable prices
  • Clinic consultations at the site of your choice
  • En-suite facilities (cosmetic procedures only)
  • Fast appointment and treatment scheduling
  • A clean, safe and caring environment

Why choose us over other private providers?

  • Every operation carries a risk whether it is a straightforward procedure or something more complex. Lindsey Private Patients can be reassured that as all our procedures are carried out within an NHS hospital we have access to urgent and acute care services if required.
  • We are unable to offer luxurious surroundings, however you will enjoy peace of mind in terms of low infection rates and emergency services on site. You benefit from the surgeon of choice with ease of access to appointments and surgery dates without sacrificing on the quality of healthcare or your experience. Our competitive pricing structure makes us more affordable compared to non-NHS private hospitals. Please be aware that not all private hospitals have access to on site emergency care.
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