Meet our team of dedicated specialists who will be looking after you if you choose to have your procedure with us.

Meet the Team

Profiles and photos of our consultants

Mr Sakkaf Ahmed Aftab

Consultant ophthalmologist at Scunthorpe hospital.

Mr Augustine Akali

Consultant plastic surgeon offering plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

Mr Muzaffar Chaudhary Ahmad

Consultant urological surgeon for Scunthorpe, Grimsby and Goole hospitals.

Mr Syed Muzzafer Ahmad

Consultant general and colorectal surgeon at Scunthorpe hospital.

Dr M Amir Alvi

Consultant rheumatologist at Grimsby hospital.

Dr Butt

Consultant dermatologist at Scunthorpe hospital.

Mr Iain Chambers

Consultant trauma and orthopaedics surgeon at Scunthorpe and Goole hospitals.

Mr Ganapathy Dhansekar

Ear, nose and throat specialist at Scunthorpe hospital.

Miss Preeti Gandhi

Consultant Gynaecologist and Obstetrician and lead for laparoscopy services in Gynaecology at Scunthorpe General Hospital

Mr Sid Goel

Consultant ophthalmic surgeon

Mr Satish Kotta

Consultant ophthalmologist at Grimsby hospital.

Dr Nidal Maarouf

Consultant cardiologist at Grimsby hospital.

Mr Ricardo Pacheco

Consultant trauma and orthopaedic surgeon at Scunthorpe and Goole hospitals.