Arm and thigh lift/reduction

In arm or thigh reduction surgery, excess wrinkled skin and fat is removed from your upper and inner arms or thighs to firm and tighten the area.

What happens during the operation

This surgery is usually done under general anaesthetic. It may be performed as a day case or you may spend a night in hospital after your procedure. As part of your operation, the surgeon may perform liposuction on the inner part of the arm or thigh to reduce volume and mobilise the skin.

Aftercare and recovery

You should not experience a significant amount of pain. However, suitable pain relief should be provided by your surgeon/anaesthetist. Avoid exercise for one month after surgery. Gradually resume normal activities after one month. If you do sedentary work (office) you should be able to return to work in around seven to ten days.

Risks and complications

All surgical procedures carry risks so it’s important that as well as the benefits of cosmetic procedures you are also fully aware of any complications that may arise. Bleeding, which is most often manifested as bruising, is common but should not alter the end result. Deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism are also risks with this type of surgery. It is therefore important to mobilise as soon as possible after your operation.

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Who will perform this procedure?

Mr Augustine Akali

Consultant plastic surgeon offering plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

Where can I have this procedure performed?

Goole and District Hospital

Goole hospital is where all of our cosmetic procedures are carried out, although you can choose to have your clinic consultations at Scunthorpe or Grimsby hospitals if this is more convenient.

How much does it cost?

Inital Consultation Fee From £150
Arm/ thigh lift From £4624

Quality of care

From the moment we receive your request for a consultation through to the completion of your treatment we offer the highest standards of care.


We offer a high quality service at competitive prices. As we work out of NHS hospitals we are able to offer procedures that are more affordable than our competitors


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