Temple lift

A temple lift is designed to lift and firm the mid face. Throughout our life the sun’s radiation, stress, gravity, and other factors cause the skin to sag and wrinkles to appear. Though these changes are gradual, wrinkles and other signs of aging can make people feel older than they really are.

What happens during the operation

Cosmetic surgery for a temple lift involves making an incision into the scalp just above the ear. The surgeon removes a section of skin and realigns the temple into position. A temple lift is often performed in combination with other facial cosmetic procedures and can be performed any time signs of aging begin to appear. However, patients are generally in their forties or older when they elect to undergo this procedure.
Minuscule stitches are used to close the incisions and to reduce any chance of scarring. Metal clips or staples may also be utilized at the hairline. The procedure takes approximately one and a half hours.

Aftercare and recovery

Immediately after surgery, the face is fitted with bandages in order to decrease the recovery time and to reduce swelling. Generally, post-operative instructions call for plenty of rest and limited movement in order to speed up the healing and recovery process.

The stitches, clips or staples are normally removed within one week. Patients sometimes report some minor pain associated with surgery. Any discomfort can be treated effectively with oral medication. While complications are rare, patients can minimize potential problems by carefully following the directions given after the procedure.

Risks and complications

All surgical procedures carry risks so it’s important that as well as the benefits of cosmetic procedures you are also fully aware of any complications that may arise.
Like all surgical procedures, with brow lift surgery there is always a possibility of complications. Although these complications are extremely rare, they can include infection and skin discolouration/bruising and swelling.

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Who will perform this procedure?

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Goole hospital is where all of our cosmetic procedures are carried out, although you can choose to have your clinic consultations at Scunthorpe or Grimsby hospitals if this is more convenient.

How much does it cost?

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