Ear lobe surgery

A split/torn earlobe is more likely to happen in those that wear ear jewellery. Torn earlobes can easily be repaired. Some physicians will do the repair in their office, others in an outpatient surgery center.

If the split occurs over time and the skin inside the wound has healed the surgeon will have to cut away the healed tissue inside the split to reveal a raw edge that will allow the skin to knit itself back together. The earlobe repair is a simple procedure done using a local block to numb the earlobe.

What happens during the operation

At the initial consultation, your surgeon will evaluate the earlobe and establish what is required. The most appropriate technique for the individual will be discussed.
The torn skin edges are excised and the fresh edges are stitched together with sutures that need to remain in place for one or two weeks.
Split earlobe repair is performed under a local anaesthetic, and typically takes 20 – 30 minutes per earlobe. This is carried out as a minor procedure. You can expect to be in the hospital for up to two hours.

Aftercare and recovery

After your earlobe repair surgery there will be small scars on the ears which will, at first be red, but will eventually fade and soften over the next few months to a pale silvery colour. After four to six months the earlobe should look almost completely normal. The earlobe may throb or ache for a few days but this operation should not be particularly painful and only simple painkillers are usually required. The earlobe may feel a little numb after the operation but this usually settles within a few weeks. Keep the area clean and dry and the use of a hairdryer should be avoided in the first few days. Heavy exercise for the first few days is not advisable as it may lead to a situation where trauma could occur to the treated area. We recommend avoiding swimming in pools or use of saunas or Jacuzzis for at least two weeks post procedure. The dressing and sutures are usually removed seven to ten days after surgery.

Risks and complications

All surgical procedures carry risks so it’s important that as well as the benefits of cosmetic procedures you are also fully aware of any complications that may arise. This is a safe and low risk procedure but one risk associated with any surgery is failure of the treatment i.e. failure of the earlobe to close or remain closed. Infection is always a risk and this would be treated with antibiotics if it occurred. You will have a scar on the earlobe after these procedures.

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Who will perform this procedure?

Mr Augustine Akali

Consultant plastic surgeon offering plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

Where can I have this procedure performed?

Goole and District Hospital

Goole hospital is where all of our cosmetic procedures are carried out, although you can choose to have your clinic consultations at Scunthorpe or Grimsby hospitals if this is more convenient.

How much does it cost?

Initial Consultation Fee From £150
Ear lobe repair From £923

Quality of care

From the moment we receive your request for a consultation through to the completion of your treatment we offer the highest standards of care.


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